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About Timeless

At Timeless Events, we're not just in the business of planning – we're in the business of crafting dreams into reality. Wedding planning and styling have been my lifelong passion, nurtured through 11 years in hospitality and 6 years specializing in events, particularly weddings, alongside incredible vendors. Timeless Events was born from a deep desire to focus on what I love most and to create memories that will last a lifetime – the kind of memories you'll one day share with your children and grandchildren.

My mission is simple: to curate beautiful, joyous occasions that reflect the unique essence of each client, all while ensuring a stress-free journey from start to finish. Whether it's your wedding day, an unforgettable engagement celebration, or a milestone birthday extravaganza, I am genuinely excited to partner with you in turning your dreams into cherished realities. Let's embark on this magical journey together.

Rosie and me

The Small Details

Imagine having a dedicated someone who takes the pressure off your special day, expertly setting up your decorations, signs, and equipment. Instead of burdening your loved ones, we'll handle it all for you. Trust us, we've got this covered!

About Me
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